for Gentle Anxiety Sufferers

with Sandra Glavan, Life Coach

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Dear Angelic Heart

Welcome to my Coaching Page.

Don't you think it's amazing that the universe has brought us together?

Think about it, from thousands of life coaches, and mental health bloggers, and millions of anxiety sufferers around the world, we have found each other.

I believe from the depths of my heart and soul, that this moment is not a coincidence, and that we were meant to connect. At this perfect point in time, the frequency of your energy has come into alignment with mine, which is just amazing.

Please let me now ask you... 

Are you struggling with one or more of the following?
If so, I can help you.
  • Do you want to reduce your anxiety naturally without feeling more anxious in the process? 
  • Do you wish you could eat and live more healthily in ways that are not expensive, complicated or time consuming?
  • Are you a people pleaser who desperately wants to create more time and energy for yourself without feeling guilty?
  • Do you want to identify your negative thought patterns, learn how to change them and start feeling calmer and happier in your mind?
  • Do you wish you could just know how to love yourself?
  • Are you someone who constantly compares yourself to others, and never feels satisfied with yourself or what you have achieved?
  • Do you often feel overwhelmed in this world, resenting your gentle nature but secretly hoping that the 'sensitives' would one day rule the world?
  • Do you struggle to see your own gifts and spend most of your time focusing on your weaknesses?
  • Do you stop yourself from pursuing your dreams because you feel that you're not good enough to go for things you desire? 
  • Do you feel at times ready to give up, because you think it's too hard to live in this world as a sensitive and gentle soul?
  • Do you wish that someone could help you with all the above?

My name is Sandra Glavan, and I'm a Heart-Based Life Coach on a mission to help Gentle Anxiety Sufferers, just like you, reduce anxiety naturally, develop long-lasting self-love practices, and take small steps towards your dreams.  

After two decades of chronic anxiety and self-hate, I managed to conquer both, and experience an incredible spiritual transformation in the process, which inspired me to open my heart and soul to every gentle human being struggling with life and anxiety.

Making a loving contribution in this world has always been my number one dream and I am living this dream now through my coaching.

As a coach, I teach everything I learned on my personal healing journey, as well as all the other knowledge and skills I acquired afterward.

For example, at present I'm studying towards the
500-Hour Yoga Teacher Training Qualification, and prior to this I have completed the following courses:

Life Coaching
Anxiety Awareness

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)
Psychotherapy & Counselling
Stress Management
Advanced Nutrition
Vegetarian and Vegan Nutrition
Holistic Nutrition
Bioenergy Therapy® Level I & II by Zdenko Domančić Method
Ho’oponopono by IZI LLC Self I-Dentity (Hawaiian Method of Healing)
Awakening the Illuminated Heart & Cosmic Grace by The School of Remembering® (Meditation Technique)
Shamanic Heart Healing® Therapy Level I, II & III
Angel Therapy - Angel Intuitive Certificate & Certified Angel Card Reader® by Doreen Virtue
Therapeutic Imagery by The School of Images with Dr. Catherine Shainberg
Introduction to Raw foods with Kate Magic
Introduction to Longevity with David Wolfe

So, as you can see from this long list I take my work as a life-coach very seriously.

But ok, that's just a list of qualifications...

How Am I different?

Spiritual Awareness

I am a deeply spiritual person who believes that each one of us has a unique mission to complete and that you have all it takes to get to the finish line.

My goal as a coach is to empower you.

I help my clients make diet, lifestyle, and mindset changes, because I've learned that mental and physical cleanliness can over time lead to spiritual growth, which in turn creates clarity of life's purpose, internal happiness and peace.

I truly believe that no-one is broken, but rather standing in the shadow of their own light.

The way I empower clients is by helping them to remove some of the shadow through healthy eating, living, thinking and loving.

 Highly Sensitive Person 

I have chosen to work with gentle anxious individuals because as a highly sensitive person who struggled with chronic anxiety for twenty years, I can appreciate all the pain and suffering gentle anxiety sufferers face in daily life and in our insensitive world.

Unique Success Formula

I have a unique anxiety healing success formula that I teach others how to apply. The steps in my formula have helped me to overcome anxiety, change my entire life, and experience a spiritual transformation.

My Anxiety Healing Success Formula = Anti-Anxiety Diet + Anti-Anxiety Lifestyle + Anti-Anxiety Mindset + Self-Love

It is an honor to be able to share that now with the world.

Skills, Certifications and Diplomas

In addition to my anxiety experience I have a number of certifications and diplomas (listed above), to which I will forever keep adding because I truly agree with the words of Albert Einstein:

Once you stop learning, you start dying

 So, my commitment to helping my clients grow is perfectly in line with my commitment to keep growing as a teacher, student and soul. 

Experience Managing Anxiety in a Busy Life Schedule

 I spent 10 years working in London in investment banking, which is one of the most highly pressured environments in the world. In that time my chronic anxiety reached its peak and I began my healing journey. This life experience, which was both incredible and painful, helped me to develop practical ways to incorporate diet, lifestyle, mindset and self-love techniques, in an extremely busy life schedule, which I am now able to help my clients apply as well.

So, after reading the above...

If you're interested in working with a highly sensitive, loving and heart-based life coach to reduce your anxiety naturally, develop long-lasting self-love practices, and take non-anxious steps towards your dreams then I'd love to coach you. 


The main service I offer is 1-1, private coaching, through video calls.

During our sessions, we resolve the key issues that are holding back the fulfillment of your highest vision for your life.

Such issues could include:

Make healthy and practical changes in your diet
Adopt lifestyle techniques that fit into your busy life schedule
Identify and change negative thought patterns
Introduce on-the go self-love practices, and
Pursue dreams in line with your values

or any of the struggles listed in the bullet points above.

For 1-1 coaching, others at my advanced life coaching level can charge between $200-$1,000/month.

I'm glad to be able to offer my 1-1 coaching for just $100/month.

At this rate, you receive:
One 60-minute private 1-1 coaching session with me monthly.
Email access to me for quick questions between sessions.

I work with clients in cycles of 4 months.

We'll do a 30-minute complimentary exploratory call first, and if it's a good fit, we commit to 4 months together, and then evaluate, and possibly continue if it's a good use of our energies and time.

To inquire about my coaching availability please write to: sandra@amosuir.com

Thank you for your time. 

I sincerely look forward to hearing from you.

Love and Light,

Heart-Based Life Coach
Sandra Glavan