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Journaling and workbooks are a highly effective tool for mental health issues such as anxiety and depression.  

Find out what makes workbooks a great anxiety management technique and how to download your free copy. 

Workbooks are usually filled with worksheets to help you express your thoughts, feelings, emotions, and fears in different ways, but also to track your habits.

This is an awesome way to manage your anxiety because by making notes around your anxious feelings, you can more easily identify what is causing your symptoms and therefore, the changes you need to make to feel better.

Studies show that journaling and workbooks are extremely effective tools for mental health as well as stress management.

To help you get started with an anxiety workbook I have created a FREE printable 15-page document filled with lots of different worksheets.

I suffered from anxiety close to two decades and so this anxiety workbook is based on nearly 20 years of experience with this mental condition.

During that time I learned many amazing coping mechanisms, and some of these are included in this anxiety workbook to help you manage your symptoms.

Read on to find out what’s inside this anxiety workbook.

Are Workbooks Time Consuming?

Sometimes the first reaction when someone hears the word “workbook” is “I don’t have time for things like this.”

If you feel this way, I get what you are saying.

The idea of a workbook can give the impression that it takes up time, and maybe even adds stress to an already anxious life.

But in reality, this doesn’t have to be the case and I’ll explain why.

I used to work in investment banking in London and back then my days were jam-packed and looked something like this:

  • Wake up at 4 a.m., meditate for 5/10 minutes, shower, pack breakfast and lunch, read the financial news, tidy the flat, put the washing on, get ready for work and leave by 6:00.
  • I would then work all day until approx. 20:00 after which I headed to the supermarket to buy food, before heading home on the train.


When did I have time to do any journal/workbook work?

I used to carry my journal and worksheets with me everywhere I went, and I would mostly work on these while on the train (if I had a seat), or during lunchtime. Otherwise, I'd write before going to sleep, or when I first wake up. Either way I made sure I allowed myself 15-20 minutes daily to work on my anxiety in this way.

I was persistent because I noticed that it made me feel better, and the more I practiced, the better I felt overall.

Take a look at your schedule and decide when is the best time for you to write in your workbook. Even a 5-minutes brain dump is helpful and effective.

Why are Workbooks an Effective Anxiety Management Technique?

Journals and workbooks can be your best friend. They give you the opportunity to release whatever is going on in your mind without filters or worrying about what someone else will think of you.

We have approximately 60,000 thoughts a day, but an anxious person has way more than that and unfortunately, the bulk of them are negative.

If we don’t express our thoughts, feelings, and emotions on paper, we are less aware of what is going on in our minds, which makes it harder to overcome our problems.

But if we get into the practice of putting something every day on paper, we begin to see patterns in our thinking and behaviors. This information becomes invaluable for healing.

You begin to notice what are your bad habits, and when you are aware of them, you can then set goals to change.

Who is this Workbook For?

This book is for anyone experiencing some form of anxiety including:

  • Mild anxiety symptoms
  • Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD)
  • Social Anxiety Disorder (or Social Phobia)
  • Or any other anxiety disorder

What’s Inside this Workbook?

1. Top 4 Secrets to Overcoming Anxiety

Anxiety and I have had a long journey together and I have even personified this mental condition into a woman. So, I sometimes refer to anxiety as ‘she’.

On this journey, anxiety taught me a lot, and some of that stuff I have not read in books.

I start this workbook, with what I feel are the top 4 secrets to overcoming anxiety to help you set the tone for your healing journey.

2. Anxiety Affirmations

Affirmations are incredible for encouraging positive thinking. They are positive statements that are meant to be repeated over and over again.

If you practice affirmations every day, you can successfully change your negative thought patterns that have potentially caused your anxiety and/or are making your symptoms worse.

In this workbook, I include my favorite affirmations for anxiety.

3. Journal Prompts for Anxiety

Using journal prompts is a great way to write about stuff that you wouldn’t necessarily think to write yourself.

Also, they can help you to begin writing immediately without procrastinating and overthinking what’s the best way of writing in your journal.

I have included in this workbook a few great anxiety-related journal prompts to get you started.

4. Planners

Staying organized can help you effectively manage anxiety, and planners are great for that!

If you organize your day the night before, you are less likely to feel anxious in the morning.

In this workbook, you have a couple of useful planners that you can keep with you on the go for better time management.

5. Worksheets

Anxiety worksheets are useful because you can look back in 30, 90, 180 days, or more and see if you have made progress.

In this workbook, there are a few great worksheets relating to the food you eat and the tools you use to manage your anxiety.

Your Free Printable Anxiety Workbook

Simply input your email address in the form below, (if you haven’t done so already above), and I’ll send you a copy of the workbook to your email account.

Once you receive it, print as many copies as you like!

I’ve put my heart into this workbook, and I truly hope that it helps begin your healing journey.

Go slowly, be gentle, and really take the time to go it because it will be worth your effort.

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