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Using workbooks on your anxiety healing journey is a highly effective technique.  

Find out what makes workbooks a great anti-anxiety tool and how to download your free copy. 

Workbooks are often filled with a variety of worksheets designed to help you express your thoughts, feelings, emotions, and fears, as well as track your habits.

These kinds of workbooks are a great tool to have on your anxiety healing journey because by making notes around your anxious feelings, an your daily activities, as well as anxiety levels, you can start to identify what's causing your symptoms and the changes you need to make relieve them.

To get you started with a workbook, I've created a FREE printable 20-page document incredible worksheets.

I suffered from anxiety for 20 years before managing to overcome this mental condition altogether, and this anxiety workbook is based on what I've learned is useful for working on your anxiety.

Are Workbooks Time Consuming?

Often the first reaction when someone hears the word “workbook” is “I don’t have time for things like this.”

If you feel this way, I get you.

But in reality, this doesn’t have to be the case and I’ll explain why.

I used to work in investment banking in London and back then my days were jam-packed and looked something like this:

  • Wake up at 4 a.m., meditate for 5/10 minutes, shower, pack breakfast and lunch, read the financial news, tidy the flat, put the washing on, get ready for work and leave by 6:00.
  • I would then work all day until approx. 20:00 after which I headed to the supermarket to buy food, before heading home on the train.


When did I have time to do any journaling or write in a workbook?

I used to carry my journal and worksheets with me everywhere I went, and I would mostly work on these while on the train (if I had a seat), or during lunchtime. Otherwise, I'd write before going to sleep, or when I first wake up. Either way I made sure I allowed myself 15-20 minutes daily to work on my anxiety in this way.

I was persistent because I noticed that it made me less anxious, and the more I practiced, the better I started to control my symptoms.

I challenge you to look at your schedule and commit to 10-20 minutes workbook time daily.

Why are Workbooks an Effective Anxiety Management Technique?

Journals and workbooks can be your best friends. When with them you're free to release whatever is going on in your mind without filters or worrying about what someone else will think of you.

We have approximately 60,000 thoughts a day, but an anxious person has way more, and unfortunately, the bulk of them are negative.

If we don’t express our thoughts, feelings, and emotions on paper, we are less aware of what is going on in our minds, which makes it harder to overcome our problems.

But if we get into the practice of writing down something every day, we can begin to see patterns in our thinking and behaviors. This information becomes invaluable for healing.

You begin to notice what are your bad habits, and when you're aware of them, you can then set goals to change them.

Who is this Workbook For?

This book is for anyone experiencing some form of anxiety including:

  • Mild anxiety symptoms
  • Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD)
  • Social Anxiety Disorder (or Social Phobia)
  • Or any other anxiety disorder

What’s Inside this Workbook?

  • Anti-anxiety worksheets
  • Affirmations
  • Journal Prompts
  • Planners 
  • Plus lots more 

Your Free Printable Anxiety Workbook

Simply input your email address in the form below, (if you haven’t done so already above), and I’ll send you a copy of the workbook to your email account.

Once you receive it, print as many copies as you like!

I’ve put my heart into this workbook, and I truly hope that it helps begin your healing journey.

Go slowly, be gentle, and really take the time to go it because it will be worth your effort.

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I'm a Heart-Based Life Coach for Gentle Anxiety Sufferers. After two decades of chronic anxiety and self-hate, I managed to conquer both, and experience a huge spiritual transformation in the process. This incredible journey inspired me to pursue my dreams and help other gentle anxiety sufferers. I’m not a mental health professional, but I’m someone who has studied intensively about anxiety and achieved success with everything I learned. If you’re a gentle soul who is struggling with anxiety and would like my help, I’d love to coach you. Check out my free and paid coaching services.

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